Whistleblowing Policy
1) Purpose
The Company is committed to maintaining good corporate governance and high standards of accountability, transparency, fairness and ethics. It is the responsibility of the Company to ensure that any undue behavior that compromises the interest of the stakeholders and the general public does not occur.
A Whistleblowing Policy and system is therefore established to provide adequate reporting channels and guidance for our employees and business partners to raise serious concerns in confidence about suspected fraudulent activities, misconduct, malpractice or irregularity in any matters related to the Company without fear of reprisals.
2) Reporting Channels
In case employees or other stakeholders notice any misconduct, malpractice or irregularity (e.g. fraud, corruption or financial irregularity) in any matters related to the Company, a report can be made to the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Company and be delivered to the following address in a sealed envelope clearly marked "To be opened by addressee only" or via the designated email provided below.
Hong Kong Head Office:
The Chairman of Audit Committee
TIME Interconnect Technology Limited
Units 213-221, 2/F, Building 5E
5 Science Park East Avenue
Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong
Email: AC-Chairman@time-interconnect.com
PRC factory:
The Chairman of Audit Committee
c/o TIME Interconnect Technology (Huizhou) Limited
38 Xiatangzai Road, Chenjiang
Zhongkai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
Huizhou, Guangdong Province, PRC
Postal Code: 516229
Email: AC-Chairman@time-interconnect.com
3) Confidentiality
The Company will make every effort to keep a whistleblower’s identity confidential. In case disclosing the whistleblower’s identity becomes necessary, the Company will inform the whistleblower in advance. However, there may be circumstances in which the Company may be required or legally obliged to reveal the whistleblower’s identity and the Company may not be able to give prior notice to the whistleblower, for example, where an investigation leads to legal proceedings.
4) Misconduct and malpractice and irregularities
It is impossible to give an exhaustive list of the activities that constitute misconduct or malpractice or irregularities but, broadly speaking, the Company would expect report of the following misconduct or malpractice or irregularities within the Company, which typically concerns about:
While it is not expected to have absolute proof of the misconduct or malpractice reported, the report should show the reasons for the concerns. If a report is made in good faith even if it is not confirmed by an investigation, concerns would be valued and appreciated.
5) Anonymous Reports
As the Company takes the reporting of misconduct, malpractices, and irregularities seriously and aims to conduct thorough investigations into both potential and actual violations, it is preferred that these reports are not made anonymously. The Company encourages whistleblowers to come forward with their concerns.
6) Protection
Whistleblowers making genuine and appropriate reports are assured of fair treatment. It is the Company’s policy to protect the whistleblower from any form of intimidation, retaliation or victimization because of reporting a concern.
7) Malicious False Reports
If a whistleblower makes a false report maliciously, with an ulterior motive, or for personal gain, the Company reserves the right to take appropriate actions against anyone (employees or Third Parties) to recover any loss or damage as a result of the false report. Employees may face disciplinary action, including dismissal where appropriate.
8) Monitoring The Whistleblowing Policy
The use and effectiveness of this whistleblowing policy will be monitored and reviewed regularly by the Audit Committee of the Company. Feedback from employees and stakeholders will be considered during the review process.